Monday, May 3, 2010

Cinco de Mayo 2010

You can altercate that the anniversary May 5th anniversary accepted as Cinco de Mayo is added acclaimed aural the borders of the United States than in Mexico. Cinco de Mayo is the anniversary that commemorates the Mexican achievement over the French Army in the southern-central burghal of Puebla in Mexico.

In an accomplishment to accumulate this commodity accompanying to beer and not history, I will blanket up this mini-history assignment by advertence that Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico’s Independence Day; the Mexican Independence Day is September 16th. Cinco de Mayo is a anniversary of Mexican Culture and added chiefly to me, it’s a acumen to alcohol affluence of Mexican Beer.

At the top of places to bless this 2010 Cinco de Mayo is Simone’s in Pilsen. Not alone is the bar amid on the bizarre 18th Artery in the predominantly Mexican adjacency of Pilsen, but Simone’s has Chupacabras beer. If you anamnesis from one of my beforehand articles, Chupacabras Pale Ale is one of the aboriginal microbrews from Mexico. You can advice bless the little guys vs the big guys mentality that Cinco de Mayo is accepted for by bubbler a beer that is not from the Big Beer Corporations of Mexico: Chupacabras by Cucapa Brewing Company.

If you are attractive for article added contemporary and fresh, try the new Dos Diablos Restaurant & Cantina that is accepting its Grand Opening on Cinco de Mayo in the River North breadth of Chicago. Apart from accepting the accessible Mexican theme, Dos Diablos has an able alms of Mexican Beers. Dos Diablos is amid on Hubbard Artery in the accident River North area, so this new cantina will fit appropriate in with the affair atmosphere of this hip street.

So no amount who you are or area you appear from, on May 5th we all appear calm to accession our glasses and bark a big “SALUD” (Spanish for “Cheers”) to bless the Cinco de Mayo holiday.